If you and your family have chosen to take ownership of your in-home health care but you have been overwhelmed with the burden of paperwork , frustrated by the hassle of telephony systems or confused by the web portals myChoice Technologies has a simple, in-home solution for you.



The patent pending myChoice solution offers:

No cost to you:
• All costs and support are included in the myChoice service

• No computers, DSL, websites, or other costly hardware or

• Stamps are a thing of the past. You will not need to mail
in time sheets or have them returned for missing time
entries or signatures

Simple Interface:
• Straight forward screens and buttons guide you through
the hiring and time approval processes.

• No technical jargon to confuse you or your loved one

• No computer learning curve.

Accurate and Timely:
• Exact time sheet input and confirmations ensure accuracy
of reporting

• Easy reminders ensure that you and your caregivers meet
payroll timing

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