The myChoice home based interface is available nationally to Fiscal Management Service, Fiscal/Employer Agents, Consumer Directed Service Agencies and other service providers in the Consumer Directed Service (CDS) option.


Encourage and Support the CDS model with myChoice Technologies (patent pending)

Simple and easy to use interface:
• No cost or learning curve burden like web portals
• Easy to use unlike cumbersome telephony systems

Waste, Fraud and Abuse prevention appeals to
State Medicaid administrators

Partners & Licensees...

Efficiency: Significant cost savings from paper based systems.

• Eliminate transcription, mailing, poor handwriting, incorrectly
filled in time sheets, and forgotten signatures

• Hardware and communications included

• Back office billing and payroll APIs available

• Enrollment modules available for both Consumers and Caregivers

Accuracy: Eliminate errors at the source.

• No duplicate time claims, No pre-filled time sheets, eliminate
payroll rework

• Individual care plan limits and client pre-approved overtime

• Innovative Task Interface tracks in home support units and actual completion time (optional).

Fraud & Abuse: Raising the bar and eliminating commonly cited concerns with CDS.

• Two level check and balance, Customizable pop-up alerts,
Fingerprint login and approvals (optional), Image capture upon
submission (optional)

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